Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lake Trips

This past week we headed to the Lake of the Ozarks for our 2nd Annual Maryville Friends Lake Trip. We got a house at Tan-Tar-A with about 6 other families, we had 12 children all under the age of 5. Yes sounds crazy, but we had a lot of fun. The weather was awesome (very hot) and the kids had a blast. We can't wait for next year.
My water baby in the pool
 A family photo, plus our friend AJ who snuck in

 Matt trying the water slide by himself

 After our weekend with friends we headed to the Brawley Lake house for the 4th of July. It was Ally's first trip to the Lake and she loved it. Both kids enjoyed the long boat rides and lazy days at the house.
Story time with Daddy
Me and my little man enjoying a boat ride

Matt loved jumping off the dock
Our little fire cracker on the 4th
Happy Birthday America

Summer is in full swing

It is hard to believe that I only have four weeks left until I return to work. This summer has just flown by. We have had a lot of fun, but I am not ready yet. The weather has been very hot in St Louis, we finally got some rain last night and tonight but it is still very dry and hot. Hopefully the heat wave will break soon. All the hot weather has been great for playing outside and doing water related activities. Matt just loves the water and would play outside all day if I let him. Ally is doing well, she is teething and has had a little bit of a cold but she is always a happy baby girl. We head to the doctor this week for her check so I will post later with her updated stats. Other than that all is well, enjoy the new photos.

Brian and I enjoying a kid free evening at his Uncle's wedding
 Matt and Daddy on Father's Day

 Matt loves the water that sometimes we play in the tub during the day
 Doing some colored vinegar and baking soda playing (I love pinterest)
 Reading to Elmo (Matt has loved going to the library each week and picking out books and movies to bring home, he even got his own library card)
 Playtime with Daddy
 4 months old
 Matt changed Ally's diaper the other day, by himself!!

 Slip-n-Slide fun

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ohio Trip

My dad flew out to visit us Memorial Day weekend, then we rode back with me and the kids to Ohio so we could spend some time visiting the family. Brian joined us later in the week. The weather was a little cold to start off and so we never got to swim in Papa Soeder's pool. But we still enjoyed the week.

We got a private tour of the fire station, here is Ally trying out the truck.
 The way summer should be, enjoying dinner on the deck. The pool looks great but way too cold.
 A trip to Mentor Headlands Beach with my Dad and sisters
 Riding rides at the festival with Aunt Jamie

I got the chance to spend the day with my best friend from college Heather Marie and her precious girl Lainey. The kids had so much funny playing and it was great catching up.
 My grandma and the kids 
 My grandma and Ally
 Opa and Matt hanging out
 Ally enjoying her Papa

We even got the chance to spend the day at Geneva on the Lake. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my dad and sisters.
Ally hanging out in the stroller while the big guys played
 Enjoying the peacefulness
 First time in the Lake
 Trying out the bumper boats
 Our family of four
 Ending the day with a stop for ice cream
 Me and my little guy
 Waiting to ride the go carts

Summer is here...

Papa Soeder came in for a visit Memorial Day weekend and stayed with us for a week. The weather was awesome while he was here so we had to take advantage of Miss Debbie's pool. Ally even got to try out her new swim suit, she loved the water.

 Summer time means carnivals. Matt, Blake, and Aiden at the St Francis Festival on the kiddie ferris wheel.
 Bath time for my babies
 Ally ready for her first Cardinals Game

 Our family at Ally's first Cards Game
 We of course had to take Papa to Ted Drewes while he was in town